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New Version of MedMapper

New version of MedMapper - simpler way to build decision maps in a heirarchical Tcl list data structure with a generalizable linked Tk text widget and Tk canvas widget display that build themselves from the Tcl list structure. This makes the Maps much easier and faster to build. The Map outputs a progress note that can go directly into Tkfp the electronic medical record program to include in a patient's record. Download the demo starkit from

Posted by Alexander Caldwell M.D. 2003-09-13

New MedMapper Homepage on Sourceforge

New MedMapper homepage on Sourceforge at Demo MedMapper algorithm files created with MedMapper-0.9 are
available in Starpack format from the Homepage.

Posted by Alexander Caldwell M.D. 2003-07-11

MedMapper now distributed in Starpack and Starkit format

MedMapper demo decision making maps now use Starpack or Starkit files for easy download and installation. StarPack version can be downloaded and run instantly. Removal is as simple as deleting the one file. No other installation required. Starkit
version of Maps run with Tclkit and can be edited on the fly. Starkit and Starpack files are clever virtual file systems contained in a compressed database that remains compressed, similar to a .jar file in JAVA.

Posted by Alexander Caldwell M.D. 2003-07-11

MedMapper 0.9

MedMapper 0.9 files added. This are the same files in the current CVS repository. Tcl/Tk 8.0 or greater required for desktop use. Tcl/Tk plugin for Netscape 4.XX or IExplorer 4.XX works also. The Plugin has not been updated to be compatable with newer version s of Netscape or IExplorer unfortunately.

Posted by Alexander Caldwell M.D. 2001-12-10