Aller Retour - 2011-12-06


I'm working on getting MT streaming to my PS3.  MP3 and AVI files are streaming great.  Last thing I'd like to do is stream internet radio, but I'm having a problem there.  I'm trying to determine if it's because it's not possible or because I've not yet configured it correctly.

I'm using my little unslung NSLU2 to stream.  Old, I know, but I'm emotionally attached to the thing now.  I can't compile on it, so I'm stuck with the version in the packages, which is 11.  I can't find a clear answer on the web with google, but I believe that I've seen some people report success streaming radio with the unslung/NSLU2 and they'd be using version 11 also, so I believe that it's possible, but I can't be sure.  If someone is streaming radio stations with version 11, please let me know, so I can move on to the next issue.

FYI, the slug also has ffmpeg in the packages, so I've been trying to use that for the transcoding, but - as I said - I haven't got it to work.  I've run the ffmpeg on the command line with a radio URL, and it seems to be converting the stream (i.e. no error messages and produces a non-zero size file), but once again, I can't be sure, because I can't listen to the resulting file. I think that's because it produces raw data with no file info, no?  Anyway, I've been entering the URL's that I'm trying to stream as External URL objects, then creating the profiles using examples I've found on the web.  Still no luck, so I'm attacking the questions one at a time.  First, up:  is radio streaming possible with MT version 11?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.