Benny Edlund - 2011-01-06

Loving mediatomb and using it as the base for my home media center (awesome job guys)


Ive setup a new server that I compiled from the 1.12.1 source running on a ubuntu 10.04 server and Im now finding some annoying pauses before playback on some files that i have not noticed before. Ive not set up any transcoding yet on this server so there is no buffering issues due to that. The hardware should manage it all without any issues and the problem persists if the media is on a sata hdd or on a usb drive. The media server has a gigabit network card and so is the switch and the media player is wired rather then wireless. Also the windows media players and the ps3 show the same problem which is why id say it may have something to do with mediatomb itself.

Some files play instantly and others using the same compression, resolution and bitrate have a very long pause before playback.

The only difference i can really see between the files is that the ones that play instantly are about 30min and the ones showing the problem are an hour or longer.

I tried a few other upnp frameworks including the python based Coherence and that server does not have the same problem starting the playback on the same set of parameters. I would prefer to use Mediatomb though as it is so much more stable then the rest of them however i am currently stumped at how i can go about debugging this issue.

How would i go about debugging that is causing this so that i can potentially resolve the issue.