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  • Master63a

    Master63a - 2008-05-30

    Miro, formally known as democracy player is an application that manages video and audio podcasts using an rss type feed to list channel content. They are big on open source and have their channel guide list over 4000 free channels. Users can add their own channels and so the list is constantly growing. Many are HD format and this would provide a rich source of content. Currently I download content using Miro but play it with Mediatomb. It would be much simpler to subscribe to a Miro channel, list the files and stream the files directly via Mediatomb.
    For more information see:


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-05-30

      I think someone brought this up once, but it was quit some time back where online content architecture was not yet in place in our code.

      Now, I looked at it again but something is not quite clear to me. Where do they get the videos from? Are they just parsing tons of rss feeds and getting the links?

      Since I will not be duplicating Miro, the only important question is: are they providing an API or something similar, which would make it possible to get the links and the metadata to the content? If I can request various lists from them, then we could of course parse those lists and add them to the DB as we currently do it with the YT feature.

      Kind regards,

    • Maurice118

      Maurice118 - 2008-05-30

      I am also a miro user and did a quick search for you. I didn't find any API, but maybe I didn't search long enough.
      They are using there own rss feeds wich are updated by users or contentproviders after a check.
      The Miro rss feeds are located ie movies and tv categorie here https://www.miroguide.com/feeds/categories/Movies%20%26%20TV
      For viewing content online and seeing the different categories go here https://www.miroguide.com/
      I don't know if you run into any legal issues when parsing those rss feeds.


    • Master63a

      Master63a - 2008-05-30

      My understanding is they use a website to collect feeds for access and use an internal browser to allow for browsing, subscribing and aggregating, searching and downloading the feeds.

      I think the following link has a more technical overview of the way their main content is accessed:


      BTW, there could be a bug that has persisted in even some of the latest svn code. If I start up Mediatomb and previously had content on a currently unmounted drive Mediatomb complains about not finding the media but also seems to lose any access to it. So I have to go back and add the folders in the UI. This is a problem when using removeable or unmounted drives.

      Thanks again.

    • boilerjt

      boilerjt - 2008-05-30

      I have seen a bug similar to this as well and I had attributed to my unique setup.  Right now until I get my new linux box built, I am running Ubuntu Hardy in VMWare on my Vista machine.  I am using VMTools to share my media folders in Windows with Linux which are mounted in /mnt.  This is really convenient because I don't have to worry about Samba and Vista trying to share politely :)  I've found that if I accidentally launch a new MediaTomb process from the command line when another process is already running, the database is wiped and I have to re-import everything.


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