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Latest update - 4-20-11

Here's what's new:

- StreamLinker has been removed. The code is not used and does not really work. If someone was to create a filter that uses System.IO.Stream or IStream then we can create something on top of that.

- Found a peculiar bug. Some still images would crash the runtime on Windows 7 and a fix has been created and integrated.

- The pin updater has been fixed and is working. The pin updater routines make sure that the PinCollection class has information on every pin on the filter.... read more

Posted by Mike Stark 2011-04-21

Latest update - 4-19-11

In this update we have removed some features as we found that they didn't really belong:

- Expressions namespace - use System.Reflection.DynamicMethod for those. This namespace was just a wrapper for DynamicMethod anyways.

- Search namespace - use System.IO or some third-party library for that.

Posted by Mike Stark 2011-04-19

Long updates

Sorry for taking so long for SVN commits. I've been dealing with college during this time and my financial aid is like programming in pure assembly. I'll do my best to have timely updates from now on.

Posted by Mike Stark 2011-04-19