Bernard Bou - 2012-05-22

MediaData helps display the metadata of mediafiles.

You can use it in console mode or gui mode.

The console mode displays information on the console:

mediadata file1 file2 ...

The gui mode displays information in a GTK window in the form of a (tabbed) tree. It works in set mode or interactive mode.

mediadatagtk file1 file2 ...

In set mode the files to browse are explicitly mentioned on the command-line: this may be used in conjunction with Nautilus-actions to provide integration with the browser (please also note that the nautilus-mediadata pakage will provide similar functionality).

In interactive mode, nothing is specified on the command-line and the user is free to browse specific files at run time.

Please also note that whenever two mediafiles are opended, a comparison tab will open, which displays the differences.

Finally, mediadatadb is a command-line app that sends the extracted info to a mysql database. It is trickier to use as it requires database info to be fetched from a .mediadatadb.cfg file in the user's home. Each section in this file forms a set of parameters to be used that has to be filled in by the user prior to use. The name of the section is the first parameter.

mediadatadb section-of-mediadatadb.cfg file1 ...

Please note that file can be a folder, in which case all mediafiles it contains will be scanned.


deb package use
python-mediadata library
mediadata command-line
mediadatagtk gui
mediadatadb database app
nautilus-mediadata nautilus extension

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