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New release!

This release cam save settings to mediamodel-files, and has an enhanced simple-mode.

Posted by Useful Free 2009-05-27


Downloadtube made a review of MediaCopy yesterday. They gave the conclusion "Easy and convenient solution to copy files from your camera/mp3-player/etc".


Posted by Magnus Johansson 2009-05-20


The next version will be finished by the end of next week, or earlier.

Posted by Magnus Johansson 2009-05-20

New version

The second release was uploaded to sourceforge today! Now it's starting to be shaped as I want it to be.

Posted by Magnus Johansson 2009-05-05

First package

The first package has been released, and it seems to work just fine. There is a small icon-problem with the installer, but that's okay!

Posted by Magnus Johansson 2009-05-02


So, the MediaCopy-project has been approved and is now open!

Posted by Magnus Johansson 2009-04-30