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meanwhile 1.0.0, gaim-meanwhile 1.2.6

New releases of both the library and the Gaim plugin provide bug fixes and minor enhancements.

The Meanwhile library has begun using library versioning, and from this point forward will attempt to maintain binary compatability with the 1.0.0 line. Major revisions will begin in CVS leading towards a 2.0.0 release in the distant future. In the interim, and bug fixes and some feature additions may make their way into minor and micro releases of the library.... read more

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2005-12-13

meanwhile 0.5.0, gaim-meanwhile 1.2.5

It's about time we had a new release. Closing off a large chunk of bugs (and hopefully not creating too many more) and adding some important features, the latest and greatest version of the Meanwhile library and its Gaim plugin are ready for the masses.

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2005-10-29

meanwhile 0.4.0, gaim-meanwhile 1.2.0

Finally, a new release of the meanwhile library itself! Fixing a metric ton of bugs, adding some nifty new features, and generally being cool. Since so much was changed and re-written, there may be new secret bugs hiding. Be liberal with the bug trackers, and we'll get 'em ironed out in time for 0.4.1

The new version of the gaim-meanwhile plugin requires the latest Gaim (1.2.0) and the latest Meanwhile (0.4.0) to function.

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2005-03-18

Meanwhile for Gaim 0.82

Yay, new release of Gaim, followed quickly by a new release of the Meanwhile plugin.

Please welcome our new win32 packager Stephen Dawkins to the project. Stephen will be replacing Jeff Knight who no longer has a use for a meanwhile client. Best of luck in your endeavors, Jeff!

Only a few changes to the actual plugin this time around. A bug fix with receiving text with markup characters in it is fixed. Yeah, that's about it.... read more

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-08-26

Meanwhile for Gaim 0.81, Bugfixes for Meanwhile 0.3

The gaim-meanwhile plugin for Gaim 0.81 is available from the Files section.

A bug-fix release of the meanwhile library has also been put into the Files section, Meanwhile 0.3-1. This cleans up some of the st_list parsing problems (hopefully), and should allow use with a 6.x Sametime server (without the 0x80000200 - Version mismatch errors).

Have fun!

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-08-09

Meanwhile for Gaim 0.80

gaim-meanwhile-0.80 has been released into the wild. This release continues to make use of the 0.3 version of the Meanwhile library, so you'll only need to upgrade the plugin package.

All in all, not a lot of changes:
- Use the new gaim-meanwhile package name
- Plugin preference warning is now using the new INFO pref data type, to display in a more friendly manner
- Built against Gaim 0.80

Have fun!

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-07-18

meanwhile-gaim 0.79-1

Due to the amount of bad voodoo some people are experiencing with server-side buddy lists and meanwhile, I've added a new package to the file releases and updated the source tarball. The 0.79-1 revision adds an option to the plugin preferences allowing a user to specify to what level the server-side list is used, and whether it is loaded or saved to. The default is to use the Local copy only, as this is by far the safest.... read more

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-06-30

meanwhile 0.3, meanwhile-gaim 0.79

With this second release of the meanwhile library and its gaim plugin, we fix a number of bugs for some sametime deployments and add support for server-side buddy lists via the storage service.

It is highly recommended that you back up your sametime buddy list via an official and supported client before upgrading. While there are no known bugs, the sametime buddy list format is obscure enough that real danger of corruption exists. If you have what you think may be a problematic buddy list, please hit the bug tracker!... read more

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-06-28

Off To a Running Start

The Meanwhile Project has happily moved to, coinciding with the first public release of the meanwhile library and the meanwhile-gaim plugin.

Meanwhile is an open implementation of the Lotus Sametime Connect client protocol. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by IBM or Lotus.

The project's goals are to fully document the master protocol and many of the service protocols available to a common Sametime deployment. With this first release, rudimentary support for presense (buddy list), messaging (one-on-one), and conferencing (more than two) services is included. The gaim plugin takes advantage of these to provide a very reasonable amount of functionality for such an early release.... read more

Posted by Christopher (siege) O'Brien 2004-06-02