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New release (0.2 "evolve") available in May

The new release (0.2 "evolve") is already in tests and should be available in May.

The release ("evolve") come with support for more options to copying, like skip bytes at start of input disk device, and the possibility to choose differents block-sizes to each output disk device.

Posted by Monzyne, W. 2008-04-23

Modifications for portability in version 0.1.2 "shine"

The build 2 ( come with modifications to become the package more portable.
The next goal is to make a "port" for FreeBSD operating system.

Posted by Monzyne, W. 2008-04-14

Binary packeges for version 0.1.2 Shine

Now are available binary packages in RPM format (for linux based on rpm) and TBZ for FreeBSD 6.2 and 7.0 (tbz).

Posted by Monzyne, W. 2008-04-14

New Release "shine" 0.1.2

The new release "shine" come with enhancements and important corrections.

Now, when you doing a copy to many disk devices and one or more of the destinations fail (because is full by example), the copy does not stop for the others.

This version also includes a useful manpage, with some examples of use and a comparison of performance.

Posted by Monzyne, W. 2008-04-13