#2 MDB Tools on OS X


Is it possible to run MDB Tools on OS X?


  • Brian Bruns

    Brian Bruns - 2003-01-13

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    The major requirements for running it will be glib2 on Mac
    OSX, which appears to be available. If there are build
    problems, I'd be happy to help you sort through them. You
    would need Gnome2 for the gui portion but it will compile
    the rest without it.

  • Robert

    Robert - 2004-05-18

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    I have a high interest in this feature also. I am not savvy with posix and
    such, so a ready to install version of this application for OSX would rock
    my world.


  • eddy4

    eddy4 - 2004-10-06

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    I am also very interested in mdbtools.
    I installed (using Fink) glib2 (2.2.3-2) and pkgconfig (0.15.0-2).
    When I use configure to install mdbtools, I get the following message:

    checking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0... no
    *** A new enough version of pkg-config was not found.
    *** See http://www.freedesktop.org/software/pkgconfig/

    glib 2.0 is required by MDB Tools.
    It can be downloaded at www.gtk.org.

    I am not very familiar with all this (just a standard Mac OS X user!).
    Any help would be welcomed...


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    PLEASE can somebody compile a version that works on OSX?
    Like those who have also commented, I need a copy to
    retrieve a lot of hard work from Access Databases. I can
    program a bit, and have successfully compiled a number of
    programs on OSX using xCode, but not MDB_Tools which seems
    to have a long list of incompatibilities with OSX. (Gnome
    sounds fine but I can't find a working copy of that either!)
    Command line is also fine, but a Cocoa version would be
    great if anybody has the time and inclination to port it!
    Please let's not be held to ransom by the big Manopoly!


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