#117 mdbtools says my Access database doesn't appear to be one


I've got an Access 97 format database that's being used with a cash register application (Micro Register). For some reason, mdbtools doesn't recognize it as a valid Access database. I've tried upgrading it to Access 2000 and 2002, as well as doing "Compact & Repair". Here's what I get when I try to play around with it:

mal ~ # mdb-ver /tmp/microreg.mdb
mal ~ # mdb-schema /tmp/microreg.mdb
File does not appear to be an Access database
mal ~ # mdb-schema -S /tmp/microreg.mdb
File does not appear to be an Access database

Now, if I export one table from this database into a blank Access 2000 database, the new file can be read just fine by mdbtools. I tried just removing all the tables except the one I exported from the original thinking it was one of the other tables that was causing problems), but mdbtools didn't like that, either.

This database doesn't not appear to be encrypted (when I do Encrypt/Decrypt, the resulting dialog says "Encrypt As") and it's not password protected (it's never asked me for one).

I was going to attach the file, but the bug tracker doesn't allow attachments of more than 256K. The database in question can be found at:



  • Andrew Gaffney

    Andrew Gaffney - 2007-09-07

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    From my brief bit of debugging of the problem, the mdb_get_byte() call at the top of libmdb/table.c:mdb_read_table() is returning 0x99 instead of 0x02. I have no idea what this means, however.


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