Most menu items also have a hotkey for triggering them. This hotkey is noted down next to the menu label. However, some functions of the program do not have corresponding menu entries. The following tables document these functionalities and their respective hotkeys.

Opening files and moving from page to page

Binding Function
Open file CTRL+O
Open library CTRL+L
Close file CTRL+W
Next page PageDown, LeftMouse
Next page (manga mode off) ALT+Right, MouseWheelRight
Next page (manga mode on) ALT+Left, MouseWheelLeft
Previous page PageUp, Backspace
Previous page (manga mode off) ALT+Left, MouseWheelLeft
Previous page (manga mode on) ALT+Right, MouseWheelRight
Forward only one page (in double page mode) CTRL plus one of the scrolling keys
Go back only one page (in double page mode) CTRL+SHIFT plus one of the scrolling keys
First page Pos1
Last page End
Next archive SHIFT+CTRL+N
Previous archive SHIFT+CTRL+P
Next directory CTRL+N
Previous directory CTRL+P
Go to page G

Reading and scrolling

Binding Function
Scroll down Down, KeyPadDown
Scroll up Up, KeyPadUp
Scroll left Left, KeyPadLeft
Scroll right Right, KeyPadRight
Smart scroll down Space, MouseWheelDown
Smart scroll up SHIFT+Space, MouseWheelUp
Inverse direction of smart scrolling X
Scroll to left, right, bottom, top KeyPad1 to KeyPad9
Toggle fullscreen mode F, F11
Toggle double page mode D
Toggle manga mode M
Toggle slideshow mode CTRL+S
Best fit mode B
Fit to width mode W
Fit to height mode H
Fixed size mode S
Manual zoom mode A
Stretch small images Y
Zoom in Plus, Equal
Zoom out Minus
Reset zoom CTRL+0, KeyPad0
Show OSD panel TAB, Mouse4
Show magnifying lens L, MiddleMouse
Add bookmark CTRL+D
Edit bookmarks CTRL+B

Other functions

Binding Function
Quit program CTRL+Q
Preferences F12
Save currently opened image CTRL+SHIFT+S
Reload currently opened directory or archive CTRL+SHIFT+R
Minimize window N
Hide/show all UI elements I
Execute first, second, ... external command (see [External_Commands]) 1 to 9

Customizing hotkeys

At this time, MComix unfortunately does not have an unified keybinding editor. Due to implementation issues, the configuration is split over two files - keybindings-gtk.rc for menu shortcuts, and keybindings.conf for all other hotkeys. Do not edit these files while MComix is still running, as your changes will be overwritten when the program is closed.

For hotkeys that can be reached with a menu entry, such as "File -> Open", changing the associated keybinding is easy: Hover the mouse over the menu and press the desired key or key combination. The text should instantly update to reflect the changes to the binding.


Bugs: #61
Feature Requests: #69
Wiki: Documentation
Wiki: External_Commands

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