MComix is a user-friendly, customizable image viewer. It is specifically designed to handle comic books (both Western comics and manga) and supports a variety of container formats (including CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA and PDF). It is written in Python using GTK+ through the PyGTK bindings, and runs on both Linux and Windows.

MComix is a fork of the Comix project, and aims to add bug fixes and stability improvements after Comix development came to a halt in late 2009.

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The following programs and libraries are required in order to install and run MComix:

The above packages are only required if you intend to run MComix from source or on UNIX-like systems. The all-in-one Windows package already includes all dependencies.

In order to to read RAR/CBR archives, either rar or unrar has to be installed. Alternatively, MComix can also make use of unrar.dll/libunrar.so. The library should be placed either in your default system library directory, or directly in MComix' root directory. To open 7Zip archives, the 7z executable is required. Likewise, LZA/LHA archives require the lha executable. Opening PDF files requires mutool and mudraw, provided by the mupdf package.

User manual

As of now, the user manual is a work-in-progress. It can be found on the [Documentation] page.


Comix has originally been developed by Pontus Ekberg, who unfortunately disappeared from the internet one day. Many thanks to him and everyone else who contributed translations, suggestions, bug reports and fixes to this project!

Icons with a filename starting with "gimp" are taken from The GIMP, and icons with a filename starting with "tango" are taken from the Tango Desktop Project. Most other icons are made by Victor Castillejo, creator of the GNOME-Colors icon theme.

Developer resources

  • The [Maintainance] page has instructions for common tasks related to releasing new versions of MComix.


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