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MC4J 1.2 beta 8 released

The new release of our JMX management console is available for download. It features much improved server compatibility fom many of the major application server vendors as well as some bug fixes and new features.

Posted by Greg Hinkle 2005-01-19

MC4J 1.2b5 Released

MC4J, a rich management application for JMX and JMX supporting Java servers has a new release.

The changes include:
JDK 1.5 thread monitoring (states and stacks)
JDK 1.5 memory pool monitoring (pie charts and graphs)
Improved dashboard system and documentation to build your own
OC4J server connections
Authenticated JSR 160 connections
Look and feel improvements
Guide to building your own dashboards
Lots of bug fixes and speed improvements... read more

Posted by Greg Hinkle 2004-04-09

MC4J 1.2b1 released

Some of the new features include:
* Dashboards provide rich interfaces to specific server functionality
* Automatic attribute refreshing provides up to date information
* New MBeans are found in the server as they are registered
* Query filters now support regular expression searches
* ObjectName editor supports jumping to a linked MBean
* Graphing is now provided by the rich JFreeChart suite
* Custom classloaders improve compatiblity
* Operations results can be viewed in tabular format
* A Windows installer simplifies setup ... read more

Posted by Greg Hinkle 2003-06-08

MC4J Application for JMX released

Announcing the release of a new open source Swing GUI for JMX. The MC4J project, kindly supported by my employer Sapient, is a NetBeans Platform application that utilizes RMI connectors to various JMX servers.

Some of the features are:
* Tree view of MBeans, their attributes, operations and notifications
* Connections to multiple servers
* Descriptor information for MBeans, attributes and operations
* Live graphs of numeric MBean attributes
* The ability to execute operations on MBeans
* The ability to set attribute values of many common types
* Support for JBoss and WebLogic application servers and the MX4J JMX implementation... read more

Posted by Greg Hinkle 2002-08-30

MC4J 1.0 Released (JMX Management)

The MC4J project has released a NetBeans module version of its JMX Management GUI software. This software allows for remote connections to JMX servers and provides the ability to browse existing managed beans (MBeans) and execute operations on them. It currently supports connecting to the MC4J project JRMP connector and Bea WebLogic's application server. Further connectors to JBoss, the JMX reference implementation and others are in the works.... read more

Posted by Greg Hinkle 2002-08-26