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Corporate Mayhem / News: Recent posts

Corporate Mayhem version 0.2.1 released

Corporate Mayhem version 0.2.1 is now released.

Major new features are: mission system, compass HUD element, sound support and map and mission editors.

Check release notes for more info at:


Windows binary:

Posted by Heikki 2006-06-06

Corporate Mayhem Milestone Update

Some new about the next version of Corporate Mayhem v.0.2.1:

I'll be adding basic support for sounds and networking through OpenAL and RakNet respectively. No, this does not mean the next version will have supa sounds and multiplay - it merely means these things will be easier to add at later date.

In fact, I've already added support for OpenAL and three sounds for all three weapons.

I'll also try add some basic mission system before next release, with assasination, protection and escort mission types.

Posted by Heikki 2006-04-28

Corporate Mayhem version 0.2.0 released

Corporate Mayhem version 0.2.0 is now released.
No new major features are present, only bug fixes and tweaks.
Support for Linux is now back on track.

Check release notes for more info at:


Windows binary:

Posted by Heikki 2006-04-19

Milestone update - news about next release

I think I got the very basic gameplay done now, but much tweaking and bug fixing is still needed.

Next version will be 0.2.0, but no, it doesn't mean there will be major new features, or any new features for that matter. I'll be just tweaking and fixing some bugs. Hopefully the Linux support will be improved too. This should take maybe a month or so.

What's after that? Well, much needs to be done. Support for sound and music and network play, I need to finish the City Editor at some point so I can release it, and of course I need to design some kind of UI too. The UI is really what scares me most, I want to get it right the first time, not just whip something temporary up that hardly does the job. I want to avoid screen clutter as much as possible, but I'm a little low on ideas...

Posted by Heikki 2006-03-23

Corporate Mayhem version 0.1.3 released

Corporate Mayhem version 0.1.3 is now released. Major new features are enemy agents, ragdoll physics and two new weapons: pistol and minigun. It's worth checking out, ragdoll physics are quite fun! =)

Current release includes a Windows binary, check the 'bin' folder for a convinient shortcut to the executable.

Check release notes for more info at: read more

Posted by Heikki 2006-03-16

Corporate Mayhem Milestone Update

Features added so far:
- Added support for lightmaps in the editor
- Added support for NPC level-of-detail
- Pedestrians no longer walk on roads and properly use zebra crossings
- It is possible now to set areas in the editor where NPCs ignore collision, f.ex. to allow NPCs to enter buildings
- Added agent pathfinding algorithm, usable by NPC agents and possibly in the future by player agents
- Various small bug fixes and optimizations... read more

Posted by Heikki 2005-10-08

New Milestone Goals

Now that the first release is underway, it's time to look at next milestone goals:

- Better NPC AI logic. Make NPCs walk on the side of the road instead of on it and generally make them appear a bit less random. Possibly also make it possible for NPCs to enter buildings, but that might cause some issues.

- Improved graphics, more buildings and structures. Currently there are only 5 different looking buildings, so more are needed to make the city look more interesting and less bland. Also possibly use parallax mapping for all building textures and tweak lighting accordingly.

Posted by Heikki 2005-09-24

Corporate Mayhem version 0.1.1 (pre-alpha) released

After two months work, a pre-alpha release of Corporate Mayhem is finally here. One big futuristic city, four agents and 700 pedestrians waiting for you to commence mayhem!

Win/Linux source:

Win32 binary:


Posted by Heikki 2005-09-23