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Maverick.NET 1.2.0 released

This version includes a new view to support "forwarding" from command to command on the server, without client-side redirect. This would support similar functionality to Server.Transfer. This makes it possible to "chain" controllers together in a single request.

This version includes the many fixes and tweaks since the last public release.

This version also includes a .Net 2.0 framework compiled version.

Posted by Cort Schaefer 2006-01-16

Maverick.NET 1.1.1 released

This is a simple bug fix release to fix a problem with truncating the first letter from the command name when the webapp is deployed at the web root.

Posted by jim moore 2003-05-17

Maverick.NET 1.1 released

Here is the change log:

Version 1.1 01/28/03

- Applied patch to DispatchedViewFactory to allow relative
aspx view mapping from a nested folder being executed from a
virtually mapped folder.
- Added support for optional commandCaseSensitivity key
in the Maverick section of Web.config. Acceptable values
are "insensitive" (default) or "sensitive". Changing the default
from sensitive to insensitive represents a change since 1.1-b2
but fits more closely with IIS's case-insensitivity.
- Fixed bug where requesting commands from subdirectories was
treated as if it were from the root (i.e. edit.m, foo/edit.m,
foo/bar/edit.m would all result in the same command being
called defined as "edit").
- Updated AspxController code to match the new command extraction
algorithm and modified Calendar example to reflect it as well.
- Went back to old algorithm for loading config document to
prevent exception if the first request to the webapp was
to a file in an internal directory.
- Slightly tweaked how init is called in Dispatcher to better support
the external calls to GetCommand from aspx controllers/
- Added opening h1 tag to title bar in Friendbook example.
- Fixed param population bug in DispatchedViewFactory and

Posted by jim moore 2003-01-28

Maverick.NET 1.1-b2 released

Maverick.NET 1.1-b2 released

Here is the change log:

Version 1.1-b2 12/20/2002

- Fixed population bug with primitives in PropertyPopulator.
- Fixed population bug in PropertyPopulator if IDictionary
(or NameValueCollection) was null.
- Fixed small bugs in MaverickContext.SetParam(String name, Object value)
and PutAllParams(IDictionaryParams addParams).
- RedirectView now understands a special param '#'.
- MaverickContext is now persisted through recursive command
invocations, so chaining commands together with document
views is now possible.
- IModelLifetime.Discard() is now guaranteed to be called, even
if there was an exception.
- Created project for nunit tests (so far just one).
- Added support for a XsltArgumentList params and extension objects
to XsltTransform.

Posted by jim moore 2002-12-20

Maverick.NET 1.1-b1 released

Maverick.NET 1.1-b1 released

Here is the change log:

Version 1.1-b1 12/05/2002

- Added the Maverick.Ctl.Aspx package which adds the
ability to use standard aspx pages as Maverick
controllers. There is full support for Server Controls,
Postback forms, and View State. See the Calendar example
for an example of this.
- Upped version of log4net to 1.2.0 Beta3

Posted by jim moore 2002-12-05

Opt-NFop 0.8 released

Optional NFop Transform module for the Maverick.NET MVC Framework

Version 0.8

This adds an extra Transform type which makes it very easy
to tranform a view through NFop (<a href=""></a>)
to produce pdf documents.

Posted by jim moore 2002-11-25

Maverick.NET 1.0 released

Version 1.0 11/15/2002

- Maverick.NET is now CLSCompliant
- Set Dispatcher.IsReusable to return true,
so performance should be greatly improved
- A few small bug fixes.

Posted by jim moore 2002-11-15

Maverick.NET 0.9 released

Version 0.9 9/22/2002

- Added XmlSerializingView so you can
now easily use Maverick with xsl templates,
avoiding aspx pages entirely. This is roughly
equivalent to opt-domify in the java version of
Maverick, but since xml serialization is a standard
component in .net, I have included it in the base
- Various bug fixes.

Posted by jim moore 2002-09-22

Maverick.NET 0.8.2 released

- Renamed Maverick.Ctl.ThrowawayBean to
Maverick.Ctl.ThrowawayForm to better fit
with .NET style.
- Fixed bug in DocumentTransform that was preventing
multiple document transforms on a view.

Posted by jim moore 2002-08-21

Build Maverick.NET with NAnt

Added file to cvs so Maverick.NET and the Friendbook example can now be built with NAnt.

Posted by jim moore 2002-08-15

Maverick.NET documentation

Maverick.NET now has a website up at with links to a manual and api documentation.

Posted by jim moore 2002-08-12

Maverick.NET 0.8.1 released

- Fixed content encoding in DispatchedView and DocumentTransform.
- Refactored property population out of ThrowawayBean and into its
own class: Maverick.Util.PropertyPopulator

Posted by jim moore 2002-08-09

Maverick.NET 0.8 released

This is the first public release of Maverick.NET

Posted by jim moore 2002-08-05

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