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Nightly JARballs

In addition to tarballs, we're now "compiling" the Java code into a nightly JAR file you can download.

This JAR is compiled to slip into an *already-installed* RPM installation (/usr/share/maui/maui.jar).

(NOTE that this JAR file may contain experimental code which could trash the scheduler's persistent state, delete all tables in your scheduler database, spontaneously reboot your machine, or something).

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-06-20

Maui Scheduler Molokini Edition 1.3

Mostly a bugfix and refactoring release.

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-04-27

Nightly Tarballs

Tarballs from the source code are now available for download in the "Files" section.

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-04-26

MauiME 1.2-3

Bugfix release of the popular 1.2 series contains fixes for potential deadlocks in the database glue code between two competing threads. Basically unnecessary synchronization was removed.

Also includes a patch from Greg Lewis to put rc files in LSB /etc/init.d directory.

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-03-10

Maui Scheduler Molokini Edition 1.2

MauiME 1.2 is now available in RPM and tarball formats.

Highlights of the new version are:

* Multicast communication from scheduler to node daemon components. This works only if all your nodes are enabled for multicast routing. Multicasting overcomes the TCP-lockstep-bottleneck and should enable MauiME to scale to larger clusters (512+). TCP is still supported as a fallback mode.

* XML client/server protocol. All client commands now send and receive XML documents when communicating with the scheduler. We hope this facilitates creation of other clients (GUI or WWW).... read more

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-02-22

Maui Scheduler Molokini Edition 1.1

Maui Scheduler 1.1 includes many bugfixes over the previous 1.0 release.

In addition, many of the core components have been made more modular, allowing you to get your own Java or Python code into the main scheduler loop! See the examples included in the RPM or source.

Those of you upgrading from 1.0 should please look at the UPGRADING document. The most noticeable changes are in the file. We suggest that you merge in your local changes into the new file, and distribute this to all nodes in your machine.... read more

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-02-02

Maui Scheduler embedded Python

In addition to Java, you can now write your own Maui Scheduler modules in Python! You need Python 2.1 and Jython 2.1 ( and respectively )

We supply example modules to fit into the scheduling loop in the mauisched/share/examples source directory.

Posted by Aaron Seth 2002-01-28

Maui Scheduler Tasks

The Maui Scheduler project is looking for Open Source software developers to work on two aspects of the project:

* GUI clients (either Java or GTK-based)
* XML-ize wire protocol and make it meta-scheduling ready

If you're interested, send us mail on the users mailing list!

Posted by Aaron Seth 2001-12-27

Maui Scheduler "Molokini Edition" 1.0 RPMs

The new Maui Scheduler "Molokini Edition" now comes packaged in RedHat Linux "RPM" format for easy installation on Linux clusters.

The Maui Scheduler is Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is designed for parallel batch scheduling (custom message-passing or MPI-based jobs) on medium to large clusters. The Maui Scheduler is meant to be a complete replacement for proprietary and crippleware schedulers like LSF or PBS.

Posted by Aaron Seth 2001-12-27

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