#5 Feature request - B/W pics.


If it is possible (and if it's not so hard). Importing custom pictures in black&white format (JPG,TGA,BMP) with possibility to use luminosity as depth (black=deep). And/or custom text messages using system fonts.

PS. Or maybe just some sort of editor for custom txt messages and pics.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    PPS. Great screensaver! Best of all Matrix screensavers I've seen!

  • Vincent Launchbury

    Hi, thanks for your comments :).

    I've thought about this before, and Alexander (the original author) was working on something that would allow you to pass matrixgl a directory of jpg's to display. What you've suggested about the luminosity pixmaps is actually how it works, so it would be fairly easy to implement.

    The only problem is, that most images would look really bad because of the small 90x70 resolution used. The images in matrixgl right now were all heavily edited from originals to get them to look nice. They also had to be smoothed out at the edges so that they would work in widescreen (which just adds shallow columns to either side of the main image).

    So it would only really be useful if the images were already nicely prepared. I'll look into making it though, and maybe post a guide about how to make good images. I'm not sure how Alexander made the originals, but I used the GIMP for the ones I made (with the help of a few custom scripts). If you wanted to mess around with a few things now, you could grab the source tarball and look in the file 'src/matrix2.h', which has a comment block briefly explaining how to add new images.

    I'll see if I can get something working.


  • Vincent Launchbury

    • assigned_to: nobody --> doublecreations
    • status: open --> open-later

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