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#58 alignment issue and gap at the end error


The following file (using MathJax beta 2) has two problems:
1. The 'a' and the 'x' are out of alignment
2. There is a large gap of space after rendering the second expression (the first inline expression)

The attached page is


  • Neil Soiffer

    Neil Soiffer - 2010-06-11

    [accidentally clicked on a button before adding the message]

    The attached page is a modification of a wikipedia page that substitutes MathML for some of the images. Without the supporting images/css, it won't render the same for you. However, you can go to wikipedia, save the page, and replace it with the attached page (changing the MathJax src reference)

  • Davide P. Cervone

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Davide P. Cervone

    I have made modifications that should resolve issue 1 above. This should make the mathematics alignment more uniform in all browsers, and at various zoom values (there used to be more variance in the zoom levels). As a side effect, there should also be a speed improvement, as one of the most expensive routines is no longer needed in order to place elements in fractions, roots, super- and sub-scripts, and so on. SVN 377 should fix this issue.

    As for 2, I am not able to reproduce the problem (though I do see that it is occurring in the screen shot). I'll have to look further into it.



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