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The website is online

After several months of shutdown the website is now back online.

It's hosted on a temporary server, and something could be broken/not work properly, but we're online again!

The main server should come back online soon, in the meanwhile use the forum to signal every single problem with the website.

Posted by Davide Coppola 2007-10-31

project update

Good news for Mars, we are going to sort out all the problems with the server.
The website should come back online in a week or two.

An effect of the long downtime it's been the inactivity of the team, but the development will restart as soon as the website is up.

So check the project page often for more news, we're coming back!

Posted by Davide Coppola 2007-10-19

The project is still alive


I've received a couple of emails from people asking if the project Mars has been stopped or abandoned.
Well, the answer is NO.

We have just problems with the server hosting the website, so for the moment it can't be reached.

We hope to fix all the problems soon, however we're going to set up a temporary ML for developers in order to be able to communicate.

Sorry if this news comes just now, but I've been away from home (and from a pc) for my vacation... :P

Posted by Davide Coppola 2007-08-18

Mars 0.2.1 released

Mars 0.2.1 - X-MArS

This is a special minor release dedicated to Christmas holidays.

It comes with several bug fixes, some new features and...
some special/bonus features... :)

Merry X-MArS ;)

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-12-25

Mars 0.2.0 released

We have released a new major release of "Mars, Land of No Mercy" with several new features and bugs fixed.
Visit the website for more info and to download.

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-11-04

new dedicated server

Now we have a dedicated server!

Thanks to dekki we have a dedicated server that is hosting the website, the forum and is managing the domain, so all the annoyng popups have been removed.

New online services (a wiki and a bug tracker) will be activated soon, we are working on them, so keep your eyes on the website ;)

I would remember to all the community that we are working hard on this project, investing time and money, so we would really appreciate donations.... read more

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-09-24

Mars 0.1.2 released

This version introduces an important (experimental) feature, OpenGL support for hardware accellerated blits.

To download the new version, visit the release page.
To read info about features of this release visit the changelog page and the release notes.

Please use the forum to submit every bug / problem / suggestion.

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-08-29

new homepage -

the Mars website has a new url:

The Mars forum has a new url too:

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-06-26

SVN stats

Now all the Mars svn commits are monitored by "CIA - The open source informant"[1] and a CIA bot has joined our irc channel[2] so to inform users about all Mars commits in real time.

For more info about SVN stats visit our stats page[3] on CIA website.


Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-04-19

New Mars 0.1.1 binary packages

I have just added these following binary packages of the 0.1.1 release:

- FreeBSD5
- FreeBSD6
- MacOSX

It's possible download them from the Files section.

Thanks to ACMhUnTeR (FreeBSD) and Ender (MacOSX) for the work.

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-03-29

SVN migration

All Mars CVS sources have been succesfully migrated to SVN, now also data are stored in the repository.

Visit the new SVN page of the website for more info.

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-03-17

Mars 0.1.1 is out!

Mars 0.1.1 has been released, this is a release that fixs all the bugs and improve several features of the 0.1.0.

news for this release are:

- a better scrolling
- a better selection highlighter
- 2 tilesets updated
- SWA mechs updated
- several bug fixes

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-03-07

Mars 0.1.0 released

The first release of "Mars, Land of No Mercy" has been released.
The game is not playeble yet, but this release shows how our work is
going on and it's a first concrete preview of the real game.

features of this release are:

- 3 tilesets/landscape
- several units and buildings of 2 main factions of the game
- it's possible to select units/buildings
- it's possible to rotate and to move units around the landscape
- realtime pathfind with path higlighted moving the mouse
- FOW (Fog Of War)

Posted by Davide Coppola 2006-02-06

Mars PR is out!!!

This is a first presentation release (a demo) of Mars, Land Of No Mercy.

With this PR we want to show part of our ideas:

- a full navigable landscape (with smooth scrolling)
- 2 different tilesets
- full working minimap
- windows (minimap) can be opaque/trasparent
- windows (minimap) can be dragged

Posted by Davide Coppola 2005-09-05