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    This is a feature idea that I've seen in one piece of
    non-free mind map software that has not been
    duplicated in any other. They had a "rapid fire"
    feature which allowed the user to add a large number
    of children to a node very quicky. A box appeared,
    they would type some text and when they hit enter what
    they had typed became a new child node. Then the text
    box is cleared but the focus is not changed so the
    user can type another line and get another node,
    repeating as necessary. This seems to work very well
    with the stream of conciousness that is generally
    associated with the creation of some mind maps.
    Of all the mind map software that I"ve seen, yours is
    only bested by www.visualmind.com which is, needless
    to say, far more expensive. The only thing that they
    ahve that you don't is a very clean interface. I can
    see that your project has great potential, Thanx for
    all your work!

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    You can do this already (like most, but it's hard to find).
    You have to fixate a node (press the lock symbol (the
    rightmost in it's toolbar) and then the Menu Extras ->
    There you go. To leave, leave it empty.
    With question like these I invite everyone to the mak-users
    Thank you for the great feedback.


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