Need MySQL "create table" Script

Dan Medina
  • Dan Medina

    Dan Medina - 2006-03-31

    MIGRATE does not work on my machine. For some reason it does not create the necesary tables although they are all empty. I have the latest mailmanager installed with the necessary MySQL modules etc. I also have the mailmanager and the mailmanager_db entries in ZOPE created and talking to the mysql server.

    Could someone please post a "create table" script for all the mailmanager tables? You can do this using the MySQL Control Center and do a "show create" on all the tables named MM...


    • Kevin Campbell

      Kevin Campbell - 2006-04-01

      If you want a copy of the latest tables in the 2.0 series, you can create a clean installation of the latest version of the code, then use the MySQL control centre as suggested.

      If migration does not work, does it raise an error? Could you provide a traceback from error_log in the Zope Management Interface if it does, and raise a bug on the bug tracker. This will then be investigated and hopefully resolved.



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