#278 Option to NOT confirm unsubscribe

Bret Miller

I'd like to see an option to NOT confirm unsubscribe while still requiring a confirm on subscribe. I realize that means that someone could maliciously unsubscribe someone, but overall I think that possibility is better than requiring people to unsubscribe twice to get off a list.


  • Mark Sapiro
    Mark Sapiro

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    I moved this to Feature Requests since that's what it is.

  • Mark Sapiro
    Mark Sapiro

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  • Cedric Knight
    Cedric Knight

    I think bug 1269025 is basically a duplicate of this. I read bug 1269025 as suggesting that a list could optionally be configured not to send confirm messages and allow an unsubscribe by email without the password, or via web; having send_goodbye_msg set to "yes" provides a certain level of security against abuse. This is also suggested in a message on mailman-users in 2001 <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2001-June/011729.html> as an additional supervisor function ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE, and again in 2005 <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2005-May/044573.html>. I would prefer an additional value for mlist.unsubscribe_policy =2 meaning no approval and no confirmation necessary - instant unsubscribe without any authorisation needed. Perhaps it could generate a warning if send_goodbye_msg==0, but I don't see any reason site managers would want to restrict it.

    Note that a one-click web unsubscribe is apparently possible for non-digest users provided "personalize" is set to "yes" (or probably "full"). I find that on a one-to-many list of several thousand there can be a significant number of complaints from users who simply don't seem to be able to get their head around either requesting a password or responding to a confirmation token, which produces spam reports and requires moderator intervention, so have stuck the following in the footer:
    To unsubscribe, click %(web_page_url)soptions%(cgiext)s/%(_internal_name)s/?email=%(user_address)s&password=%(user_password)s&unsub=Unsubscribe&unsubconfirm=1