#274 Can't change users' reminders from web


On the (English) page entitled
"Members mailing list administration
Membership Management... Section"
There is no button to adjust users' monthly password reminders.
I bet one must loging as each users one by one to turn them off.

All I have is the web interface on Dreamhost.

I bet there's more items too that one can't change from the admin web pages.


  • Thijs Kinkhorst

    Thijs Kinkhorst - 2008-06-22

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    What do you mean? It's very present in the administrator interface:

    General -> send_reminders seems to be the option you're looking for.

  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2008-06-22
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  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2008-06-22

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    I'm moving this to feature requests.

    What it seems to ask is that additional, per user settings - password reminders and topic related settings - be added to the Membership Management page so they can be set more directly than by going to each user's options page.

    However, the submitter seems to not recognize that the admin can go to the user's options page directly from the Membership Management pages by clicking the user's email address, so I've set the status to 'pending' awaiting clarification from the submitter.

    Also, as pointed out in the previous comment, if all one wants is to turn off reminders for all users, this is available on the General Options page.

  • jidanni

    jidanni - 2008-06-23

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    Yes, I recall what I wanted was being able to adjust every detail
    right there, without the frustration of visiting a separate page (be
    it only one click away or not) for each user I want to make the change

  • jidanni

    jidanni - 2008-06-23
    • status: pending --> open

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