#259 next/previous message links should use active sort method


When you are reading a message in an archive, the "previous message" and "next message" always refer to the sort by date, ignoring the sort that you are currently using. This makes them useless for reading through a thread, or for looking at messages by the same author or with the same subject line. They should use the sort order that the user has selected.

We use version 2.1.7.


  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2007-02-21

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    Actually, the previous and next links refer to thread order, not date order.

    Also, this issue has been partially addressed for Mailman 2.2 by changing the description of the links to:

    # Previous message (by thread): <prior subject>
    # Next message (by thread): <next subject>

    I know this doesn't answer your request, but given the way the pipermail html archives are built as static html pages, your request would require a separate html file for each message/sequence, thus nearly quadrupling the size of the html archive.

    The alternative would require archive message pages to be built on the fly by CGIs for both public and private archives. Neither of these alternatives is likely to be implemented in the current pipermail archiver.

  • Mark A. Mandel

    Mark A. Mandel - 2007-02-21

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    (Update) So, give the admin an option, check boxes, for which sort order(s) to use when building the archive. If I as administrator am willing to spend the space at the top of each letter page to show prev and next by date, prev and next by thread, prev and next by author, and prev and next by subject, or any subset of those pairs, I'd like that option.


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