#258 feature request: batch deletion of subscription requests


please add a tick box for "delete all pending subscription requests marked /defer/" to the admindb page.

It's great that I can scan a page and delete all pending messages that are spam, but several lists I deal with are getting a lot of spam in the form of subscription requests, and making those lists invisible is not an option and wouldn't help at this point.


  • Stephen J. Turnbull

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    Are the bodies of subscription requests visible in recent Mailman (I'm currently using 2.1.5)? If not, it would be helpful to make them so. My lists don't get so much spam to the subscription address, but it's difficult to determine when somebody has a peculiar address and when it's autogenerated by a spammer sometimes.

  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2007-02-12

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    Re: the comment: Are the bodies of subscription requests visible in recent Mailman?

    No, they are not.

    Re: the original request. Do you specifically want a second tick box, or would a single box to "Discard all messages and requests marked _Defer_" be just as good? I can see advantages to separating the discard functions, but OTOH, I see advantages to keeping the page simpler with a single box.

  • Cristobal M. Palmer

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    The latter (a single box that discards all) would be fine by me, but perhaps somebody with better UI sense than myself should make that call. I would say that regardless of which is the case, it should be *very* clear what exactly is getting discarded.


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