Mark Sapiro - 2008-08-23

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df notwithstanding, how is this a Mailman issue? Is it possible you're running into a user quota?

In most of the above tracebacks, Mailman has successfully opened a tempfile to build a queue entry, and is denied by the OS with "[Errno 28] No space left on device". There's not much Mailman can do about that.

In the case of the logging error, Mailman is attempting to write to the smtp-failure log and hits an IOError exception (possibly error 28) and tries to fall back to the original stderr which is probably the console that started Mailman and is long since detached from the process and gets the "[Errno 6] Device not configured" and logs that exception to the error log.

The OS is not letting Mailman write to some files (but apparently the error log is OK). Mailman can't do anything about that.