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 branches 2005-11-28 --none-- [r1] New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
 emptydir 2006-03-08 cauchy_song [r65] add emptydir for optimize disk usage
 tags 2006-03-08 cauchy_song [r64] cvs2svn cleanup
 trunk 2008-07-10 dongsheng [r259] Remove invaild records.
 README 2006-03-08 cauchy_song [r65] add emptydir for optimize disk usage

Read Me

This is the top of the Subversion repository.

   trunk/ ......... The latest development sources.  When people say
                    "Get the head of trunk", they mean the latest
                    revision of this directory tree.

   branches/ ...... Various development branches.  Typically a branch
                    contains a complete copy of trunk/, even if the
                    changes are isolated to one subdirectory.  Note
                    that branch copies are generally removed after
                    they've been merged back into trunk, so what's in
                    branches/ now does not reflect all the branches
                    that have ever been created.

   tags/ .......... Snapshots of releases.  As a general policy, we
                    don't change these after they're created; if
                    something needs to change, we move it to
                    branches and work on it there.

   emptydir/ ...... using for svn switch target to omit large
                    directories which not needed.

   README/ ........ This file.