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Mailcrypt / News: Recent posts

Mailcrypt maintainership changes

Hey mailcrypters!

I just wanted to let everyone know that with Brian Warner's blessing and coordination, I've taken over mailcrypt as its maintainer. I've come up with a general near-term release schedule, and by announcing it I hope if forces me to stick to it.

3.5.9 - a bug fix release containing most of the queued bug reports/patches. I hope to release this on 2007-11-24.

3.6.0 - a feature addition/enhancement release. I hope to release this by 2008-01-02. ... read more

Posted by nega 2007-11-10

mailcrypt-3.5.8 released

I've just released mailcrypt-3.5.8. This is a bugfix release, bringing anonymous remailer support up to date with modern remailers, and fixing a GPG passphrase caching bug that would hit folks who use multiple keys with the same name but different passphrases.

Give it a whirl, submit bugs. I'm especially interested in feedback on the remailer changes.


Posted by Brian Warner 2002-09-26

mailcrypt-3.5.7 released

I've just released mailcrypt-3.5.7. This release is mostly minor bugfixes.. the most notable new feature is code to integrate with the Mew mail client. There are also some changes to work with new versions of mh-e which use read-only message buffers. I've also added a unit-test framework to verify the GPG decryption path, and intend to expand those tests in the future.

Give it a spin, send in any bugs you encounter.... read more

Posted by Brian Warner 2002-07-08

mailcrypt-3.5.6 released

I've just released mailcrypt-3.5.6, which has a
small change that fixes use with gnupg-1.0.5 (the
latest release). It also has a few other small
fixes, and the docs have been updated to point to
the new home on sourceforge. Grab the new release from the download section at


Posted by Brian Warner 2001-05-22

Please take the survey!

I've added a small survey at . Please take a moment to fill it out to give us an idea of what systems are being used with mailcrypt.


Posted by Brian Warner 2000-10-29

mailcrypt-3.5.5 finally on sourceforge

I've finally uploaded mailcrypt-3.5.5 so it can be downloaded from SourceForge. No code changes, just finally getting around to making it all available here.

Posted by Brian Warner 2000-10-29