#11 Dual Memory Cards

GUI (8)

I have a local (internal flash) VFS as well as a
external (mmc card) VFS. Is it worth looking at support
dual VFS's on these systems? Do any palm's support two
memory cards?


  • tobyt

    tobyt - 2005-03-23
    • assigned_to: dkirker --> repson
  • tobyt

    tobyt - 2005-03-23

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    Currently you can access the internal memory by ejecting the
    external memory.

  • Nicholas Hardy

    Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-23

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    Yeah, I think the Zaurus or something supports 2 memory cards.

    Looks like it should be fairly straight-forward to add to the
    navigator. When doing VfsVolumeEnumerate, display a list of
    volumes or something.
    More a user interface issue I think, so I'll leave it to you donald.

  • Nicholas Hardy

    Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-23
    • priority: 5 --> 4
    • assigned_to: repson --> dkirker
  • Donald C. Kirker

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    Yup, this has been on my list for a while. I am trying to figure
    out a way to present the cards (if more than 1) to the user. I
    was thinking I could list them before the folders. But the
    question comes up, only on the main directory (/), or in every
    directory? This would take up a couple of lines. Or should I
    put a "prefered" media card option in the preferences? Or
    a "Switch Card" menu item?

    If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

  • Nicholas Hardy

    Nicholas Hardy - 2005-03-24

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    Another possibility would be to have it as the top level of the
    directory structure; like in Filez. If you do that you might like to
    also add the capability for the app to remember the last folder
    you were in last time you ran it. In addition if you go down that
    path you could also consider adding a section for internal
    memory (again like Filez :).

    Otherwise, out of the options you mentioned, my preference
    would be the Switch Card menu option.

  • Anonymous - 2005-03-31

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    I just received a message from a user who's using a
    Sony Clie:

    "I'm download your TML_player and install it to my Sony
    Clie PEG-UX40.
    Player works well only with internal NAND drive. The
    Sony UX model
    have internal flash (NAND) drive (32Mb) and MS slot, so
    actually two flash
    cards available to programs."

    Sony Clie uses the first flash card drive for internal
    memory and the second for expansion cards, so multiple
    drive support is really needed for this Palm.

    I would like to thank Alexander Smolyakov for informing
    us about this problem on Sony Clie's.

    This is the same problem as both drives on a Sony Clie are
    just simulated as VFS as far as I know...

  • sumguyovrthar

    sumguyovrthar - 2006-02-16

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    Same problem on the Tapwave Zodiac 2. One internal
    considered a memory card, two external memory card slots. i
    cant get music to run from any of the three.

    as for the accessing both cards, wouldnt it be ok just to
    combine both lists into one? i mean, it doesnt really matter
    where the music is from.


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