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MAD suite 0.15.1b released

libmad, libid3tag, and madplay 0.15.1b are now available.

This release incorporates speed and accuracy improvements, as well as Replay Gain and lame(1) tag display support.

Posted by Rob Leslie 2004-02-18

MAD suite 0.15.0b released

The MAD distribution has been split into independent packages for libmad, libid3tag, and madplay, and a new release (0.15.0b) is now available for each.

Posted by Rob Leslie 2003-06-27

MAD plug-in for Winamp released

A beta version of an input plug-in for Winamp has been released.

This enables MAD to be used in place of other MPEG audio decoders in Winamp, for superior sound. Dithered output resolutions from 8 to 32 bits are supported, however it is not known if any output plug-ins will support resolutions greater than 16 bits.

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Home Page. Feedback is appreciated.

Posted by Rob Leslie 2000-10-30