#19 Pass thru Printing Feature request


In the implementation of vt102 pass thru printing
support would it be possible to add some intelligence
to the feature such that if the byte sequence
immediately following a "stop transmission to the
printer" is a "start transmission to the printer" that
MacSSH ignores the stop printing and continues to spool
the information to the spool file until a stop
transmission squence that is NOT followed immediately
by a "start transmission to the printer" squence?


  • Rolf Braun

    Rolf Braun - 2003-03-12

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    There is already some generic code added ("Queue Print
    Jobs") which allows you to manually delay printing while
    it's selected, so that when you unselect it again, all the
    jobs in the interim will get merged into one. To use this,
    just select "Queue Print Jobs" from the session menu, do
    whatever causes the pass-through print to occur, wait for it
    to finish, and then unselect it and if anything got queued a
    print dialog will come up and you can print from there.

    It would be nice for this procedure to be automated in the
    case you mention, but are you sure the "stop transmission"
    is immediately followed by a "start transmission" code? A
    large number of systems that use pass-through printing use
    the intervening time to update the screen (say, a progress
    bar and percentage completed or some such). Trying to
    second-guess those systems isn't a big win.

  • Rolf Braun

    Rolf Braun - 2003-03-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rbraun

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