#27 Cannot type "f" followed by "i"


I am using a Macintosh Powerbook 3400c, with OS 8.6. I
installed the MacSSH, however a peculiar problem has
developed which has made the program unusable for me. I
am unable to type in the letter "f," followed by the
letter "i" as in the command "find." This problem seems
to be the only one I have found with this program. Any
idea what the problem is?


  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    I have absolutely no idea.
    You're the first report like this, and there's quite some
    MacSSH users.
    Are you sure this is not a hardware problem with your
    keyboard ?

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    • summary: Cannot type "f" followed by "i" --> Cannot type "f" followed by "i"
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Upon further tinkering, I figured out the problem. I am in
    the publishing industry where we use ligatures as part of our
    font sets. Once I turned off ligatures globally, MacSSH
    recognizes my "find" command (it could not recognize the "fi"
    of "find" due to the fact that the computer creates a
    ligature of "f' followed by "i"). Is there any way around
    this so I don't have to turn off ligatures every time I
    intend to use MacSSH? Thanks!

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    I'm afraid there's not much I can do in MacSSH itself.
    Doesn't the extension that patches the system for these
    ligatures have an option to deactivate itself for a list of
    applications ?

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

    • summary: Cannot type "f" followed by "i" --> Cannot type "f" followed by "i"

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