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Mac GLQuake and GLHexen 2 v1.1b3 (Carbon) builds available.

A few more bugs squashed in this release, but the main new feature is support for AppleScript and the Only Mortal server browser (Big thanks to Mike & Billy)

GLQuake also contains new PVS debugging options to facilitate and encourage level making.

Posted by Frank Condello 2002-07-05

Mac GLQuake and GLHexen 2 v1.0b9 (Carbon) builds available.

Build 1.0b9 marks the first unified Carbon (MacOS8.6-X native) releases of Mac GLQuake, GLQuakeWorld, GLHexen2 (Regular, Mission Pack & Demo apps), and the MacNehahra application which allows Mac users to play the popular Nehahra Project Quake Conversion and Seal of Nehahra Machinima Movie.

This release builds on the MacOSX support first introduced in GLQuake 1.0b4, fixing many known issues, and improving performance and functionality.

Posted by Frank Condello 2002-02-11

First Carbon (OSX native) Builds Available

Mac GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld v1.0b4 are now available from the file section. This marks the first CFM Carbon release (single apps that work on both MacOS8/9 and MacOSX).

The system and video drivers have had some major work, resulting in more configuration options, and overall more robust and more 'Mac-like' applications.

Once these have gotten around and prove to be stable (or at least as stable as previous releases) work will begin on bringing the Hexen 2 and Nehahra targets up to date - That should go quickly as the hard stuff is over...

Posted by Frank Condello 2002-01-14

Website launched, 0.9b8 Available

The "Official" Mac GLQuake & GLHexen II website is now online (hit the "Home Page" link near the top of this page or just click this: )

The site has a useful troubleshooting & FAQ area plus a 'nice' front-end to quickly access new releases. Speaking of new releases, v0.9b8 builds across the board are now available, and unlike prior 0.9 betas, these are fully documented.

Posted by Frank Condello 2001-10-25

0.9b7 Updates Available

All Mac GLQuake and GLHexen2 targets have been updated and are now feature-synchronized (where appropriate). This will likely be the last undocumented release, with full updates coming within the next few weeks along with an 'official' website.

Posted by Frank Condello 2001-10-10

New Beta Release

GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld v0.9b3 have been made available for download. These releases have not been fully tested, and contain many changes so expect to run into a few quirks. A final, documented, 0.9.x revision will be released once these betas have circulated for a bit. All 0.9.x releases are/will be classic applications, carbon (OSX compatible) targets are being worked on for v1.0 (there's no ETA on that build yet).

Posted by Frank Condello 2001-10-01

Useful Links

Home page of the person who made this possible. He's now focusing mostly on Quake editing.

MacGamer. We got a mention on MacGamer! As a result, some more people that are willing to help have contacted me.

Posted by Nicholas Lamkins 2001-04-19

Binary Releases

Looks like the downloads were deleted off of the sourceforge servers for some unknown reason. Sorry about that.

I'll upload a version based on the current source when I get home from work tonight.

Posted by Nicholas Lamkins 2001-04-18

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