#7 Deus Ex some images have added white masks


Playing Deus Ex in Classic (Mac OS 10.3.4, iMac 1 GHz/768/15").
Some images have added white "masks", which sometimes come
and go.

For example: some weapons, have a white flash image that
intermittently appears on 9 mm pistol, sawed off shotgun, etc. The
image will appear not only on player's weapon, but on all computer
players' weapons too.

Another example: some characters have white "glasses," which
look like paper sunglasses. Some are opaque, others are
translucent. For example Paul Denton has opaque glasses, J
Manderley has translucent glasses mask. Manderley's doesn't
always appear, while Paul Denton's appear always, it seems.

Other than these somewhat minor faults, this library successfully
resurrects a game that is a joy to play and beautiful to look at.


  • Jens-Olaf Hemprich

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  • Jens-Olaf Hemprich

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    I don't own the game myself. But OpenGLide 0.09rc2 has just
    been released, and it fixes some issues with transparency and
    color keying (with I believe also applies to the gunshot and
    translucency effects). Would you like to try again with the
    new version (0.09rc2).

    Cheers, Jens-Olaf

  • Robert Engström

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    I just tried the latest version 0.09rc3 and the white boxes
    are still there. Running OS X 10.3.4 with Nvidia Geforce 2MX
    card, Classic MacOS 9.2.2 and latest OpenGlide 0.09rc3

    You can download the demo of Deus Ex here:


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am having the same difficulty on MacGlide version .11. The
    problem appears most prevalent on automated turrets, assault
    rifles, and character faces.

    Additionally, background textures have white dots all over
    them. I previously thought this was an artifacts of the
    LithTech engine since I had seen it often in No One Lives
    Forever----but now I'm wondering if it isn't something else.
    Deus Ex did not have this particular problem in RAVE mode.


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