Error -116

  • Richard Bornat

    Richard Bornat - 2007-03-02

    I'm having difficulty connecting to just one repository. All the settings look ok -- machine, ssh, user name, password -- but when I try to connect (3.0a3 and 3.0a4) it says

    The checkout could not be completed because an error -116 occurred.

    Now it's been a long time since I had a repository of Mac error numbers, and I can't find a log on either machine which records what's happening.

    Manual checkout -- cvs -d :ext:.... -- works. So I'm baffled.

    Oh, and by the way thanks for cvs remove in 3.0a4!!

    Richard Bornat

    • Fabrizio Toso

      Fabrizio Toso - 2007-03-02

      I can tell you that -116 corresponds to a memory manager error (size check failed)... but I don't have a clue about the cause.


    • Richard Bornat

      Richard Bornat - 2007-03-02

      Yes, I just dug up an ancient copy of MacErrors and found the same!

      And on reading farther down the list, I realise it may be an SSH 2 problem. I see we don't have SSH 2 yet. If it's that (a) I apologise for raising it and (b) I'll shut up.

      • Simon Fraser

        Simon Fraser - 2007-03-02

        It would be easy to add SSH2 support using the methods in the Security framework, and we could also rip out all the SSH1 code in there. Look in SecureTransport.h (SSLRead/SSLWrite etc). Any takers?

    • James W. Walker

      James W. Walker - 2008-01-10

      I'm getting the same error when I boot my server as Leopard.  It works when I boot from a Tiger partition.  The repository is on a third partition.

      • James W. Walker

        James W. Walker - 2008-01-10

        I compared /private/etc/sshd_config on the two partitions, and found that the Leopard one said Protocol 2 where the Tiger one used the default value, Protocol 2,1.  I tried changing the Leopard one to Protocol 2,1 and rebooting.  Now the error message is "The checkout could not be completed because the CVS server sent back a bad response." rather than -116.


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