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Max: version 0.8 released

Max is an application for creating high-quality audio files in various formats, from compact discs or files.

Max version 0.8 adds Leopard compatibility, a Spanish localization, cue sheet support, updated encoders and numerous bug fixes.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2008-04-09

Max version 0.7.1 released

I've just released Max 0.7.1, a bug fix release which takes care of a few FLAC-related bugs found in 0.7.


New Features

- Seekpoints are now added to FLAC files.

Bug Fixes

- CDs now auto-eject correctly.
- APE files are now handled correctly on conversion.
- Album Art is now correctly exported to files.
- FLAC files containing empty comments no longer cause Max to crash.
- FLAC files now contain valid MD5 checksums.
- Album art is now added correctly to FLAC files.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2007-01-20

Max version 0.7 released

After a very long break, I am happy to announce the release of Max 0.7.

This is a major new version. Please read the Release Notes ( for information on most of the changes.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2007-01-13

Max version 0.6.1 released

Max 0.6.1 is a bug fix release for two major bugs found in 0.6. Problems with Apple Lossless conversion and AIFF creation have been fixed.

New features:
- Composer tag now written to AAC/Apple Lossless files

Bug fixes:
- Fixed conversion bug for Apple Lossless files
- Fixed Core Audio encoding bug for AIFF format

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-06-01

Max version 0.6 released

I am pleased to announce the release of Max 0.6!

0.6 brings a Dutch localization, WavPack support, a brand new ripping engine and fixes for enhanced CDs.

0.6 is by far the best release of Max yet- all users are encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-05-30

Max version 0.5.6 released

New features:
- Added Monkey's Audio support
- Added AppleScript support
- Added option to add encoded files to iTunes library
- Added ability to customize how output is tagged
- Added ability to download album art
- Added full Undo/Redo support
- Added disc-based Growl notifications
- Added album and track composer fields
- Added track comment field
- Added German localization
- Multiple selection allowed in Ripper/Converter/Encoder windows
- Improved metadata handling
- Upgraded Speex to 1.1.12
- Upgraded libsndfile to 1.0.15... read more

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-03-26

Max version 0.5.5 released

This version brings universal binary support and better FLAC and Ogg Vorbis metadata handling.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-02-06

Max version 0.5.4 released

I am happy to announce the release of Max version 0.5.4. This is primarily a feature-enhancement release.

New features:
- Cue sheet support for MP3, AIFF and WAVE output
- Preliminary FLAC cue sheet support
- Improved FLAC metadata handling
- Added in-place conversion for existing files/directories

Bug fixes:
- Fixed FreeDB bug that could cause a crash for certain CDs
- Fixed misspellings in French localization
- Fixed missing user interface connections in French localization

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-01-28

Max version 0.5.3 released

Max-0.5.3 was released on 23 Jan 2006. This is primarily a bug fix release that fixes a bug in post-encoding MP3 processing that could cause a crash.

Posted by Stephen F. Booth 2006-01-28