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Macao - The Web Animation Framework / News: Recent posts

At Macao Users: Call for Links

If you have a website online based on Macao, please send me a link. I would like to list a few reference sites at the Macao home page. Please send the URL of your page and a short description to petrau at users.sourceforge.net. Thanks for your support.

Posted by petrau 2006-12-06

Macao tested with Opera 9

Macao is a framework based on JavaScript and DHTML for building animated interactive homepages and applications. You can use Macao to enrich your homepage, to build graphic adventures, card games and other puzzle games.

Macao 1.2 has been successfully tested with Opera 9. But one issue was found. The table rows appear in the wrong order in Opera. For more info see the description of bug 1514548. Download Macao Patch 1.2.a to fix this problem.

Posted by petrau 2006-06-29

Feature List Added

A feature list for Macao has been added to the home page.

Posted by petrau 2006-04-10

Macao 1.2 Released - Bringing a Module for Card Games

The release brings a module for card games. Try out the online demo Macao Solitaire. The overall performance has been improved and the support for Drag and Drop has been extended. An additional chapter in the tutorial explains how to set the walk interval.

Posted by petrau 2006-03-29

Macao 1.1 Released - Bringing Persistence

Macao is a framework to build graphic adventures and animated interactive homepages. Version 1.1 of Macao includes a persistence module. You can use this module to let the user save the game score as bookmark in the browser. So the score can be saved and reloaded without the need of a specific server. In addition every page can have its own frameset to show different controllers.

Posted by petrau 2006-01-08

New Talk Examples

Three examples from the API Documentation of the class MacaoTalkItem have been fixed and added to the homepage.

Posted by petrau 2005-08-16

Macao 1.0.1 released

Macao is a framework for building browser based Graphic Adventures. It can be hosted on every static web server. Version 1.0.1 fixes all known bugs and brings better support for the Opera browser. The Sentence Controller has been improved, so the user needs fewer clicks to check out actions.

Posted by petrau 2005-07-12

A new patch fixes the wander around bug

The new patch fixes a bug, which prevents the talk items to securely switch an object between the wander around mode and other actions. The patch also includes the enhancement of the SentenceController, which was published previously. You can download the patch at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1226571&group_id=135247&atid=732293

Posted by petrau 2005-06-23

Enhancement for SentenceController available

This patch implements an enhancement for the SentenceController. The enhancement automatically terminates a sentence in the sentence controller, if there is no fitting action for an extended version of this sentence.
So the user earlier gets the information, that the try will have no success.

See the Patch:

Posted by petrau 2005-05-01

Workaround for Opera Frames Bug available

There is a Problem with frames in Opera. The property window.frames of Opera only reflects the first frame of a frameset, but not all frames. This hinders Macao to calculate the list of frames automatically and communicate between the frames.

For a workaround see the description of bug 1193326.

Posted by petrau 2005-05-01

The first public version of Macao is released

Macao is a new way to build interactive web applications. The framework uses DHTML to animate characters and interact with objects on Web pages. Macao is intended for authors who want to write Adventure games for the Web in an easy way. Try out the online demo.

Posted by petrau 2005-03-30