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Release of Maarch Entreprise 1.2

Maarch team has just published, under GPL license 3, Maarch Entreprise version 1.2, its business-specific application dedicated to the electronic filing (SAE), management of physical archives, and electronic document management.

Maarch Entreprise is a tool of production DMS, answering to every needs of content operational management. The solution is able to absorb big documentary volumes (more than 150 million at NUMERICABLE for example).
Written in PHP 5, Maarch Entreprise is an open source Web application, optimized for the traffic and the preservation of documents in a NF certifiable environment Z42-013, ISO 14721 (OAIS), Moreq2.... read more

Posted by Spipboy 2011-06-15

Maarch: Release of Maarch Entreprise 1.0

Maarch Team is proud to announce the release of Maarch Entreprise 1.0, its new entrprise-class application for document management and archiving (electronic and paper).

Built upon Maarch Framework, Maarch Entreprise inherits its strength, its perfomance-oriented architecture, its extensibility and its functional richness.

The application's feature make it the one of the most complete solution on the market:... read more

Posted by Maarch 2009-12-21

Maarch: Release of Maarch LetterBox 2.6

With the summer comesthe new version of Maarch LetterBox.

Thanks to the (numerous) feedbacks from the community of users (and developpers), this version has been deeply stabilized and several features have been added. As an example:

* Possibility to put folders on hold,
* Better leave management
* Better management of copy mails
* Mass import has been made generic
* Administration and configuration are separated
* Notifications can now be translated...... read more

Posted by Maarch 2009-06-24

Maarch: Release of LetterBox 2.5

Maarch Team is Proud to announce the release of Maarch LetterBox 2.5.

This version is a big step in the development of the solution: from now on, Maarch LetterBox will follow a three-month release cycle.

it also brings some major changes: new search form, with the possibility to save search criteria, several bugs fixed.

Configuration files are also lighter: Check out release notes to know all about those changes.... read more

Posted by Maarch 2009-03-18

Maarch: Release of AutoImport 3.0

A PHP5 MySql Document Management System (DMS) infrastructure dedicated to the legal archiving of high volumes of static documents, coming with on-top business applications like mailroom management or HR document management.

In order to keep the compatibility between Maarch AutoImport and Maarch Framework, Maarch AutoImport is released in version 3.0.

Main modifications: support of PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server in addition to MySQL, and better Log Management.... read more

Posted by Maarch 2009-03-11

Release of Maarch Framework 3.0

Maarch Team is Proud to annouce the release of Maarch Framework 3.0.

After several months, Maarch Framework finally comes out of release candidate.

We worked a lot on improving the stability of the application, and add a few modules (Workflow, Postindexing, Notes). See the release notes for more information.

Updates to 3.0 are very encouraged : Maarch Framework 3.0 brings better scalabitity, adaptation, and is far more stable and secure.... read more

Posted by Maarch 2009-03-11

Release of Maarch LetterBox 2.4

Maarch Team is proud to introduce you to Maarch LetterBox 2.4.
This new version of Maarch Mail Management solution has been developed thanks to the contribution of French Caisse des dépôts.

In addition to bug fixing, Maarch LetterBox 2.4 brings several new functionalities, including folders deletion and generation of printer-friendly files (the list of all new functionalities is available in the release note).... read more

Posted by Maarch 2008-11-24

Release of Maarch Framework 3.0rc1

After months of delaying, we are finally releasing a Maarch Framework 3 in release candidate. The final version will come soon.

Version 3 of Maarch Framework represents a big step in the evolution of Maarch solutions. As a matter of fact, the new modular design of the application makes it easy to integrate and to adapt a solution which already had every functionalities one would want to find in a DMS and Archiving platform.... read more

Posted by Maarch 2008-10-03

Release of Maarch LetterBox 2.3.1

As a few bugs were reported on our last version of Maarch LetterBox 2.3, Maarch team worked hard this month to stabilize it.

Maarch LetterBox 2.3.1, a maintenance version, is the result of that work and corrects a few dozens of bugs (see changelog).

Updates to Maarch LetterBox 2.3.1 are strongly recomended.

Changelog :
demo : (login : demo / password : demo)

Posted by Maarch 2008-08-01

Release of Maarch LetterBox 2.3

Maarch Team is proud to announce the release of Maarch LetterBox 2.3.

This new version brings more stability and several new features :

* Folder Management:
It is now possible to group every mail regarding the same issue in a "virtual folder". You do not have to spend time looking for eparse mails!

* Note Management:
a More powerful notes management system comes with this version. It is now possible to add comments on a mail while validating or processing it.... read more

Posted by Maarch 2008-07-03

Maarch ScanSnap Connector V2 !

The Maarch ScanSnap Connector toolkit is an original interface of digitalization starting from the small scanner of production Fujitsu ScanSnap, making it possible to make digitalization arranges some by retrieve the images in exchange via an HTTP internet protocol.

Posted by Maarch 2008-02-15

Maarch LetterBox V2 !

This the new version of the vertical application dedicated to Mail Management.
- Management responses of mails
- Management of outgoing letters
- Mails Generation with a web-based word processor and preformatted models of mails
- Document view to indexing
- Management priorities of mails treatment
- Improved management of baskets
- Absence Management - Management Transmitters
- Mails oversight basket

Posted by Maarch 2008-01-27

Documentation LetterBox 1.0 mise à jour

Suite à des retours de votre part, nous avons mis à jour la documentation en français de Letterbox 1.0.
Le dossier d'installation et d'exploitation s'est enrichie d'une nouvelle partie expliquant la mise en place des scripts de notifications.

Posted by Maarch 2007-10-31

Maarch Autoimport Release

Maarh AutoImport module allows you to load massively Maarch database with images resulting from mass digitalization, or editic chains (industrialized production of outgoing documents).

Developped in PHP, and available to the open source community, this module is already in production among Maarch users treating daily several thousands of documents.

Posted by Claire Figueras 2007-05-07

Maarch v2.1 release

The new version of Maarch is now available !

Maarch v2.1 brings some novelties:
* An optimization of the design and graphic aspects, for an increasingly more pleasant experiment, and W3C compliant.
* No more tabs, a new menu showing at request
* plus minors bugs correction...

Posted by Claire Figueras 2007-05-07

Maarch v2.0 : Linux Patch


We have corrected some minor problems for UNIX/LINUX OS in this patch. Now the UNIX/LINUX users can enjoy Maarch peacefully.

New Release of Maarch : september/october 2006

Posted by Maarch 2006-08-03

Maarch v2.0 release

The new version of Maarch is arrived.
The version 2.0 brings new interesting features :
- You can now manage more than one resources collection.
- We added the users groups, a user can be a member of more one group, the group concept allows a more flexible, yet sure, security system
- You can now make more precise restrictions on the resources collections using the group
- The administration module is entirely new.
- We added a post indexing module.
- And now you can access to an online help for a better use of Maarch

Posted by Maarch 2006-07-20

Maarch v1.1 release

Maarch new version coming soon !!

The version 1.1 with a new design and corrections of bugs (documents search, quicksearch,...)

You can download from here this week, may 12.

You can see the new design right now on, follow the demo link.

Maarch team.

Posted by Maarch 2006-05-09

Maarch 1.0 Document Archiving releasedfor released

Maarch is a PHP5 MySQL Integrated Document Archiving and Retrieval System (IDARS). It features a central SQL repository plus various tools for document ingestion and extraction.
Maarch provides a simple interface on a robust database schema.

Posted by Maarch 2005-11-08

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