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Faster, More Features, More Stable: lylina rss v1.20

lylina is a RSS/Atom feed aggregator loosely based on it's predecessor, lilina. Although it features a similar river-of-news interface, it improves upon the formula with the addition of a much faster MySQL backend and an optional streamlined cron-based update system. It also adds optional multi-user support, allowing for each user to login and see a customized feed page, filled with the content of choice.... read more

Posted by Eric 2006-05-01

Major Features and Bugfixes: v1.10

lylina is a web-based RSS/Atom feed aggregator loosely based on it's predicessor, lilina. It features a dynamic multi-user system and a scalable database backend, providing the best way to get all your news in one place.

We're proud to present the latest version of lylina for immediate release, v1.10. Among the many changes, highlights include: advanced CSS skinning support including support for small screen devices via a mobile stylesheet, social networking integration, the re-introduction of the classic lilina-style sources box, and internationalization with German language support. To complement to new features, v1.10 also offers cures for a few major bugs, including the errors in HTTPClient.php.... read more

Posted by Eric 2006-01-23

First Release: v1.00

After a few hard days of bugfixing I'm happy to announce the first release of the lylina rss aggregator. Sporting a similar interface to it's predecessor, lilina, it adds a new backend with many upgrades to the mix. These include a new MySQL based feed system, multi-user support, an upgraded admin interface, faster updates through cron, and more. With the solid base of lilina and the newly added features, lylina has developed into a mature, scalable application offering the best news aggregation experience, web-based or otherwise.... read more

Posted by Eric 2006-01-05