Wrong menu structure

  • Hassanein Makhlouf

    Nice ap
    Does not work with PClinuxOS 2011 lxde
    When I run the editor it shows its own menu structure not the real menu of pclos. Any changes made do not show in the actual pclos menu. is there a way to show and edit the real actual menu structure?

  • Cakra Komci

    Cakra Komci - 2011-08-15

    I will download PClinuxOS 2011 lxde and see what's happening. It is known that lxmed sometimes reads wrong structure, but it applies only to certain applications, here's an explanation, http://lxmed.sourceforge.net/help.html#category section: Why are some menu items displayed in wrong category?

  • Cakra Komci

    Cakra Komci - 2011-08-16

    Ah yes, I see what you mean. Well it appears that PCLinux has it's own idea of how LXDE menu should look. My applications implements standard lxde menu. I'm not sure if I can read that of PClinux. It would probebly be too much trouble.

    Seems to me that PClinux should have it's own unique Main Menu Editor.

  • Hassanein Makhlouf

    I tried to find their .menu xml file to edit it, beyond my ability ;-)
    Unfortunately the pclos developers seem to think that they know all and that the user must accept that, the distro is lacking many tools and tweekes  but it is very light and fast. it's a trade off
    Thanks again

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Just a followup
    The file that has the pclos menu structure is:
    can the menu editor be configured in any way to read and modify the file.
    I would be happy to upload a copy of the file if you would need it
    Thanks again

  • utu

    utu - 2011-11-12


    Knoppix 6.7.1 has a similar difficulty to that of PCLinuxOS.
    Our LXDE menu has an additional submenu 'Universal Access' between
    System Tools & Preferences.

    It would seem lxmed is a composer, not an editor.
    it would be preferable if it sensed the original menu in detail,
    and not count on stereotypes.

    It would also be nice if the entire LXDE menu including 'Run' were editable.

    Notwthstanding these nits, thanks for the nice program.


  • Hassanein Makhlouf

    Having spent some time on this problem, I ended doing things manually.
    Under LXDE the menu structure is determined by an xml file which defines all the menu categories and sub categories.
    in PCLOS this file is in /etc/xdg/menus/. This is a very rigid way of doing things, it also means that every distro that decides on a menu structure is stuck with that.
    If you want to change the menu structure, you will have to edit this file, If you do that please make a backup first.
    You can also ad categories and sub categories by creating separate menu files and merging them with the main menu. In PCLOS the merged menu files go into /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/
    another option is the Gnome menu editor "Alacarte" . If you install the Gnome DE, Alacarte can run under LXDE.
    Good luck

  • utu

    utu - 2011-11-15

    @ hasmak

    Thanks for the roadmap.

    I'd already found /etc/xdg/menus, and expect I could edit that to delete
    Knoppix 6.7's problematic 'Run'. 

    It looks like you've headed in the right direction on adding a submenu.

    I'll try your Alacarte idea on PCLinuxOS, but Knoppix 6.7 has no Gnome infrastructure,
    so that will probably not  help there.

    Best regards, utu

  • Hassanein Makhlouf

    @ utu
    Alacarte on PCLOS only worked for me after I installed the Gnome DE, when you first install it, it is hidden in LXDE, you have to edit the short cut to make it appear in LXDE.
    If you would like, send me a message with an email and I'll sen you a sample merged menu, you can build on it.
    Best regards


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