#7 x264 transcoding


I'm using lximediacenter with BubbleUPnP server which bridges my local UPnP servers to my Android devices. To minimize bandwidth it'd be useful to directly transcode to x264 rather than mpeg2. Currently I have to have Bubble transcode it a second time which seems really wasteful of resources.


  • Erasmus

    Erasmus - 2013-08-07

    Hi anon,

    Some comments on the subject:

    . streaming H.264 will jeopardize some smart TVs: for instance, even brand new Sony units refuse to play most H.264 encoded videos - be it in a MKV, AVI or other containers, with MP3, AC-3 or AAC audio. I´ve seen lots of complaining on other DLNA server forums about this, and that's is also my experience.

    . H.264 is heavy on CPU: this will preclude use in home NAS, that typically use an ARM or Raspberry processors.

    . as far as I know, to use H.264/AVC encoding engine you must pay royalties to MPEG LA: Google for it.

    A possible workaround is to create an extra configuration menu on LXiMedia, where user checks which video types he wants straight, which to transcoded to MPEG2. It is interesting to note that MPEG2 is the one video encoding that all DLNA clients must support, so a sure shot.



  • Alexandre Magno

    Alexandre Magno - 2014-05-09

    I came to think that the problem that I face is the lack of H.264. Incidentally, if the video is already H.264, it is transmitted that way?

    H.264 + MP3 works with LG Smart TV. But .ogv (Theora + Vorbis) video is understood as music and the TV shows a thumbnail of a first frame. Do you want to fix this?

  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2015-03-08

    Release 0.5.0 now supports proper H264 transcoding.

  • Alex Admiraal

    Alex Admiraal - 2015-03-08
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release (example)

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