#13 "No module named plugins\browser_plugin" fix

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When trying to start luma from trunk I had these errors:

(Error): 17:30:46 Plugin meta information could not be loaded. Reason:
No module named plugins\browser_plugin
(Error): 17:30:46 Plugin from the following directory could not be loaded:
No module named plugins\browser_plugin

I looked at the code, and it looks like the imp.find_module function was being used incorrectly.


"This function does not handle hierarchical module names..."

Platform Win7x64, Python 2.6.5 x32


  • Christopher Berg Schwanstrøm

    Fixes incorrect imp.find_module usage in PluginLoader.py:114

  • Bj�rn Ove Gr�tan

    Luma is not proofed to run on Win32 yet.
    There is an ongoing university project working on Luma this fall.
    One of the goals is to have working code also running on win32.

    Which version of Luma did you try by the way?

  • Bj�rn Ove Gr�tan

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    • assigned_to: nobody --> bgrotan
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  • Christopher Berg Schwanstrøm

    URL: https://luma.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/luma/trunk/luma
    Revision: 841

    Not sure whether I updated after this, but that revision should be pretty close to what I was working with at the time.

    Apart from that everything (that was implemented) seemed to work fine. I could connect to an LDAP server and see the tree graphically with the browser_plugin.


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