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lucidCMS 2.0 available

After much feature creep in the 2.0 development cycle, and almost no complaints about the last release candidate, lucidCMS has a new entry in the 'stable' branch. Enjoy. For people that have been waiting on the production-ready stamp of approval, here it is. For those of you who like the cutting edge, you can now look forward to a more liberal release schedule in the 'development' branch.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2006-12-05

RC7 available

RC7 is available.

This is the last release candidate before 2.0 final (I promise).
My intent is to release 2.0 final within a week, but I really need people to download, install, and report back on their experiences with RC7.

This is mostly a bug fix release, but with a significant change to the onlne help system. All help now points to an external wiki, where I am hoping that community members will jump in and assisit in fleshign out good content. Participation is the key here. The documentation and help system has been the biggest thorn in my side on thsi project, and now we have an approach that really opens up the door to wider input.... read more

Posted by Zach Shelton 2006-10-28


lucidCMS release candidate 6 was made available today and includes a number of enhancements, bugfixes, and security improvements, as well as some new plugins. Several new plugins were developed to make it easier to use lucid as a community CMS: userRegistration, userReset, userProfiles, and userTags -- special thanks go to the UK based Bellamy Studio for the sponsorship of these plugins. This will be the last release candidate before 2.0 final, which I hope to release within a few weeks. Only bugfixes will be done between now and the final release of lucidCMS 2.0.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2006-06-01

1.0.11 available now

The developers of lucidCMS have just released their latest ALPHA version of their content management system (version 1.0.11).

Thanks to community input, many new features have been added , the interface has undergone numerous cosmetic improvements, and various bugs have been squashed.

If you are looking for truly flexible content management, then come give us a try.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2004-12-10

new features in 1.0.11

lucidCMS 1.0.11 is just around the corner. Here is a list of changes since the last version:

- batch processing of page changes (delete / template / style )
- description field for styles & templates
- options to specify workflow after creating new pages
- plugin ImageManger
- plugin FileGeneration
- translation functions available, but not yet fully utilized
- only user-defined groups may be deleted through the interface
- changed version numbering scheme to match convention
- plugin hooks
- pluginRegister_xxx and pluginRemove_xxx are now optional
- more automated database cleanup from pluginAPI
- added groupSelect and userSelect options for config types
- fixed accuracy issue related to numQueries and script_duration
- appConfig table for non-user config parameters
- installer detects prior installation & version
- installer handles multiple db_ abstraction layers
- dbSQLite available
- vastly improved processing for render_lucidFunctions()
--->change to preg_split() from while eregi()
- fixed error on date field in db_archiveItem
- new lucidTag for DocType, with configuration in config.php
- setHeaders uses new CONFIG variable for ContentType
- more improvements to the documentation
- miscellaneous small fixes

Posted by Zach Shelton 2004-12-02

lucidCMS matures

We've just made our ninth ALPHA version available for testing. We will soon be in BETA, and put a feature-freeze on the core of the script, so that we can concentrate on procedure documentation and any remaining polising of the core code.

We do expect that plugin development will take off and expand the available features, and we look forward to working with other developers to ensure consistency and stability of their plugin code.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2004-11-11

ALPHA is Available

lucidCMS is now available for download. This is an alpha release, and should not be used for produciton sites. We appreciate feedback, and look forward to building a user community.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2004-10-13

Alpha coming soon

An alpha release of lucidCMS will be made available soon. The development team has not yet implemented necessary help functions and installation documentation is not ready. Contact one of the project team members if you'd like to get a sneak peak anyway. Watch our home page at for more information.

Posted by Zach Shelton 2004-10-06

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