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XMLP 0.1.4 Released

Thanks to Martin Simmons ( XMLP now runs under LispWorks for Windows. XMLP 0.1.4 includes his patch.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-07-07

Project suspension notice

Although I have observed downloads of the XMLP package, I have yet to see any evidence of regular users. Given that this package is not currently a factor in my daily work or of immediate interest to me, I am strongly considering suspending work on XMLP. Please let me know if this would impact you negatively, and if so we can try to come up with a reasonable arrangement.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-06-24

XMLP 0.13 released

XMLP 0.13 now supports a top level document node that handles XML document preamble and DTD information. The functionality of the document node is not fully implemented. Reading and writing this node is however implemented and tested.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-06-24

XMLP 0.1.2 Released

XMLP 0.1.2 has been released. Included in this release is a complete rewrite of the expat Lisp bindings, and updated support for ACL6. This version will likely fail on ACL5, the difference being in the foreign string translation between ACL5 and ACL6. For those using the expat layer directly, also note the change in the parser definition macro, WITH-EXPAT-PARSER. Additional details can be found in the README files in the package, and the source code.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-05-28

Mailing lists added

Two mailing lists have been added for discussing the releases under the LSP umbrella: lsp-user and lsp-devl. The former list is for queries related to using XMLP and the forthcoming initial release of XLSP in real projects. The latter is to discuss anything that is going to affect the code base of either release, including bugs, patches, features and enhancements. Look forward to seeing some of you there.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-05-17

XMLP updated to 0.1.1

XMLP has been updated to version 0.1.1, with a significant simplification to the package structure: the project now relies the current release of the expat libraries available at This should greatly improve portability and ease installation.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-05-15

XMLP 0.1 alpha released!

After much time and effort, I have a stable release of XMLP ready. This provides much of the functionality that I envision the XMLP package possessing. There are many large pieces missing in the puzzle, such as DOM support and support for several aspects of XML documents, but the nature of the data structures is sufficiently specified, and most of the processing mechanisms are in place. I think the program is in sufficient state to begin work on an initial version of XLSP.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-05-13

It's alive!

Work has begun on XLSP, much delayed and long overdue. The core XML processing routines are half there, enough to begin in ernest on XLSP. All the code has been checked into the CVS repository.

Posted by Sunil Mishra 2001-04-09