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Version 0.11.3

LSL Plus Version 0.11.3 has been released. The native components only have been updated to correct a variety of bugs.

Posted by None 2009-08-25

LSL Plus: 0.10.4 Release

Lsl Plus is an edit/compile/test environment for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), implemented as an Eclipse plug-in.

The IDE for LSL supports source-level debugging in both a unit test and full simulation environment, as well as source optimization. The 0.10.4 release fixes a variety of bugs, see for details.

Posted by None 2009-04-01

LSL Plus 0.10.3 Release

LSL Plus 0.10.3 is a significant bug fix release for the LSL Plus Eclipse plugin. The best place to get it is via the update sites at

Posted by None 2009-03-06

LSL Plus 0.10.1

LSL Plus release 0.10.1 fixes some performance problems with 0.10.0 release. See and for details.

Posted by None 2009-02-20

LSLPlus 0.10.0 Release : Mac Version now available

The Mac version of the LSL Plus plugin, version 0.10.0, is now available. The complete, downloadable zip file containing a 'local' Eclipse update site is now available; the Mac version is also available by the LSL Plus (remote) update sites.

Posted by None 2009-02-07

LSL Plus: New optimization support with LSL Plus 0.10.0

Lsl Plus is an edit/compile/test environment for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL), implemented as an Eclipse plug-in.

Get inlining support, constant folding, and more with the new 0.10.0 release of LSL Plus.

Posted by None 2009-02-04

LSL Plus 0.9.0 Now Available

The latest release of LSL Plus, 0.9.0, is now available. This release adds improved compilation error reporting, new preferences settings and many bug fixes.

Posted by None 2008-12-31

Linux/x86 Component Now Available for LSL Plus 0.8.4

The Linux (x86) component of the LSL Plus Eclipse plugin is now available via the LSL Plus update sites (which transparently use the SourceForge mirror system).

Posted by None 2008-12-05

LSL Plus 0.8.4 available

LSL Plus 0.8.4 is now available, either via the one of the update sites, or via traditional download.

Posted by None 2008-11-30

New Eclipse Update Sites Available for LSL Plus

New 'remote' update sites are now available for LSL Plus. You no longer need to download a zip archive and setup a 'local' update site for Eclipse. Instead, you can use one of the geographically distributed update sites from within Eclipse. The update sites leverage the SourceForge mirror system, so there is likey
to be an update site near you.

Posted by None 2008-11-30

LSL Plus 0.8.3 Available

LSL Plus 0.8.3 is now available, which is perhaps of particular interest to Mac users, as it corrects an incompatibility problem that prevented the use of previous 0.8.x versions of the plugin by 32-bit Mac users.

Posted by None 2008-11-23

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