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Last USB Image (v0.3.9)

The last Image for the USB-Stick is available now at .

Now, all further images are rtw ( ready-to-work ) images for CFs. After the first release is ready I will try to get some CFs to sell ready CFs with the image - this is for all people who have no Linux system and USB CF Reader/Writer.

Bruno-Alexander Leonhardt

Posted by Bruno-Alexander Leonhardt 2003-12-31

New Image v0.3.7

A new Image is available on . This is a Bug-Fix image for v0.3.6 and earlier.

- Creation of Ramdisks during startup
- Added Hostkeys to ipsec.secrets after start of FreeS/WAN 1.99.8

Posted by Bruno-Alexander Leonhardt 2003-11-07