#8 Enable sorting in profile checker result table


The attached patch enables sorting by column in the profile checker result table. Clicking on the column header sorts the table by that column, on first click in descending order, on second click in the ascending order. Clicking on the patch colour column header sorts in the original order of the table (or its reverse). The patch is not pretty as the code isn't really structure for Qt GUI object style, it's "loose" code without connection to GUI objects or signals. I basically snatched some code from Q3Table and adjusted so it fits the local mould. I can improve the patch if needed, but to be honest I think I'd rather migrate the code to Qt4 and target GUI improvements than invest in Qt3 tweaks.


  • Hal Engel

    Hal Engel - 2009-07-03

    There is a Google Summer of Code project that is porting all of the remaining Qt3 compatibility objects to Qt4 objects. This code is located in the GSoC-2009 branch. A patch like this against the new Qt4 code base would be a nice addition to the profile checker. I beleive that the GSoC student has ported everything related to the profilechecker at this time.


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