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This release is a complete rewrite in order to improve the code, increase compatibility (by using a subset of the printcap format), speed (through multithreading), security (single script core) and fixing so many flaws of its predecessors (gentoo ebuild fixed, using syslog(-ng) by default, better locking, lpq/-rm are working now, testpage added).

What else to say - please test it!

Posted by Alexander Th. Kloss 2005-11-19


The new version includes some fixes, manpages in german and english language and full gentoo compatibility (with ebuild).

Posted by Alexander Th. Kloss 2005-08-29

Version 0.6

In few minutes, Version 0.6 will be released. It is more mature, stable and usable than the last release, mainly because it features printer locking, lpq, lprm, lpstat commandos, a script to generate printerlines almost automagically and a better documentation.

Posted by Alexander Th. Kloss 2004-11-07

New Release / Future Plans

I'm very proud to offer the 0.5 release. It features the first translation, namely italian thanks to Andrea Muraro. The somewhat high version number for such an early release is justified to stability and functionality, since lpr-bash has exceeded its opponents on both fields as far as it was planned.

The future will bring lots of better documentation and some sort of configuration interface (perhaps similar to CUPS web interface, guess I should implement a shell script web server). I hope to find more translators as my work continues.... read more

Posted by Alexander Th. Kloss 2004-10-18