Amir - 2012-11-18

====== Loop DJ ======

Free iPhone music performance interface

by Amir Rahimzadeh, Berlin, 2012.

Watch a demo:

- Switch sample loops on touch (like NI Mashine, Akai MPC,..)
- Apply a lowpass-filter effect on the audio in real-time, change frequency by moving up/down inside the individual zones
- Zone 8 additionally implements a high-pass filter effect, move left/right to change cut off frequency

Please Note: It is necessary to tilt the iPhone! Up/Down and left/right refer to a tilted iPhone!!!

Requirements / Prerequisites:

2) mrmr client v.1.023: to connect GUI on iphone via wlan with desktop pc/mac:
3) mrmr Server: connection between iphone GUI and the host application
4) SuperCollider: A real-time audio programming language: to run the audio code
5) my code


1) Download & Install "SuperCollider": ->
2) Download & Install "mrmr client": search Mac app store for "mrmr"
3) Download & Install "mrmr server" on your computer: ->
4) Download the user interface "GUI_LoopDJ.mmr" file
5) Download the LoopDJ folder (containing code, interface & audio files) and place it on your desktop!!! (This is important, audio files will not be found if placed anywhere else)

Getting started:
0) Turn ON WLAN on you iphone
1) Start mrmr server application (please resize window, drag at one corner to make it bigger, because some controls are obscured in small size)
2) Start mrmr client on your iPhone (your iPhone should now appear in the server window on your computer, if not pleas follow step 2a)
2a) Configure the mrmr iphone client: set preferences "Prefs" as shown in the screenshots
2b) Force to close the "mrmr client" on iphone and "mrmr server" on your computer and restart both applications
3) Drag & Drop the "GUI_LoopDJ.mmr" file on to the server window into the field "Drag Pathces Here to Add"
4) Patch will appear in the server window under "Mrmr Patches" as shown in the screen shot
5) On the same row where the name is displayed click on the "arrow" on the right side to upload the interface to the iphone
6) Interface will immediately appear on your iphone

If step 6 doesn't work for you, try:
A) Closing "mrmr server"
B) force to close "mrmr client" on iphone (double click on Home Button, pressing&holding app icon, hit "x" to close
C) Turn WLAN "off" and then "on" again on computer & iphone (reset IPs)
D) Start "mrmr server" and then "mrmr client" again and proceed with 7.

7) Start SuperCollider
8) Open "LoopDJ.scd" in SuperCollider
9) Mark all the code ("cmd+a")
10) Hold "shift" and press "Enter"
Now sound should start and you are ready to rock!

11) Tilt your iphone sideways and press an zone and move up/down!!!

NOTE: Sometimes it happens that iphone and computer are not connected properly and your controls are not processed in SuperCollider. In this case please try step A, B, D again. You have to do this every time you change a setting in the mrmr client.

If you face any problems please feel free to contact me under >>><<< or better, post a comment so that out dicussion can help others facing the same problem.

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